Effective Selling Strategies®

LMI’s Effective Selling Strategies course will help you to develop the key attitudes and selling techniques to significantly improve sales performance. Every salesperson will gain from the fresh perspective taken on this program and the chance to review and redesign their current working practices. The program starts by considering the challenges of each participant and then developing goals to improve sales.
To foster a successful sales team, you need self-motivated individuals who like achieving set goals. This course will also allow your leaders to empower their sales teams with the ability to prepare effective presentations and close more deals by understanding buying motives and signals. Sharpen your business development skills with this Effective Selling Strategies course to become more productive, communicate more effectively, or evolve into a better salesperson. Strong self-motivation and crystallized goals are the keys to your enhanced success.

What did you get from the program?

  • Specific workplace goals for learning and performance improvement are established in consulting between the Participant and Company Management, refined in 2 up-front sessions
  • Support from the LMI Facilitator guides the Participant’s “on the job” application of the learning
  • Complete resource materials allow multi-sensory learning
  • Eight interactive sessions are facilitated in convenient bi-weekly workshops
  • Participants present key results and a summary of course accomplishments at a special Graduation Meeting. Certificates are awarded

Course content – What you will learn

  • Concepts of Success, Motivation & Attitude Changes
  • Organizational Climate Survey
  • Individual Self-Image Profiles
  • Success as Related to Past Conditioning
  • Attitude and Habits – The Effective Motivators
  • Multi-Sensory Learning
  • Spaced Repetition
  • The Power of Goal Setting
  • DAILY WORK ORGANIZER (DWO) – Introduction
  • Why a Daily Organizer?
  • Developing Your Plan for Success
  • Managing by Priorities
  • Forming Good Work Habits
  • Validation of ROI
  • Developing Personal Related Goal Planning Sheets
  • Developing Business Job Related Goal Planning Sheets
  • Fine Tuning Goal Tracking Systems
  • Integration of My-Tyme Planner with Goal Planning Sheets
  • Profile Evaluation Awareness and Integration into Goal Planning Sheets
  • DWO – Goal Setting for Sales Success
  • Reinforcement Through Affirmations
  • Putting Goal Planning Into Practice
  • The Power of Target Marketing
  • Choosing Your Target Market
  • Determining the Needs of Your Target Market
  • Approaching Your Target Market Through Relationships
  • Prospecting Attitudes and Activities
  • Profile of a Class “A” Prospect
  • Methods of Prospecting
  • Obstacles to Professional Referral Prospecting
  • The Referral Prospec ting Process
  • How Value Added Service Fits In
  • DWO – Income Needs and Goals
  • Personal Income Required to Achieve My Goals
  • My Business Expense Requirements
  • Summary of Income Needs and Goals
  • Specific Action Plan for Sales Activity
  • What is the Approach?
  • Pre – Approach Communication
  • The Telephone Approach
  • Systematic Telephone Approach
  • Other Approaches
  • DWO – Plans for Sales Success
  • Success Essentials Checklist
  • Monthly Work Plan
  • Weekly Work Plan
  • What is a Sales Interview?
  • Why Have a Planned Interview Process?
  • Learning the Interview Process
  • The Nine – Step Interview Process
  • Preparation for the Interview
  • Focusing on the Prospect’s Self – Interest
  • Ensuring Favourable Conditions
  • Adding Interest to the Int erview
  • DWO – Achieving Sales Goals
  • Sales Goals Tracking Sheet
  • Weekly goal Tracking Sheet
  • Record of Sales
  • What Prospects Want and Why
  • Know Yourself
  • Know Your Prospects
  • The Power of Probing
  • Asking Probing Questions
  • Listening Pays Off
  • DWO – Reporting Your Activity
  • Record of My Activities Report (ROMAR)
  • Monthly Activity Recap
  • Closing Principals
  • Recognizing Buying Signals
  • Selecting the Right closing
  • Steps to Mastering Closing Techniques
  • Don’t Buy Back Your Sale!
  • Don’t Leave Business on the Table!
  • Asking for Referrals
  • Becoming a Closing Expert
  • DWO – Plans for Career Development
  • Career Development and Training Plan
  • Goals for Incentives and Awards
  • Handling Stalls
  • Objections as Buying Signals
  • Handling Objections
  • Countering Objections
  • Handling the Price Objection
  • Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
  • DWO – Accomplishments

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