Canadian Representatives of a Globally Recognized Brand

LMI Canada’s team members are extremely talented and qualified members of the larger, globally recognized Leadership Management International brand. Our offices located throughout the country are committed to bringing the industry leading developmental programs of our founder, Paul J. Meyer, to Canada in hopes of promoting stronger leadership within Canadian organizations.

As an organization, we believe in promoting stronger leadership. We work with individuals, teams and companies to empower people to take control of their attitudes and raise their performance.

If you’re in Canada and interested in a personal leadership development coach or somebody to help you promote stronger management within your organization, browse our National locations to find a practitioner near you. Our people can change your life or company by showing you how to set and achieve goals you haven’t allowed yourself to believe are possible.

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Quebec Coaches:

LMI Canada Quebec
665 rue du Nickel
Quebec , Quebec G2N 0J9
Phone: 418-380-0877
Mobile: 581-999-7223
LMI Canada Lévis
2818 rue de la Terrasse
Lévis , Quebec G6V 9W6
Phone: 418-930-1423
Mobile: 418-930-1423
LMI Canada Quebec
Quebec , Quebec
Phone: 418-801-7515
LMI Canada Ville de Québec
Ville de Québec , Quebec
Phone: 581-985-9072
Mobile: 581-985-9072
LMI Canada Quebec
896, rue des Zircons
Quebec , Quebec G2L 0C5
Phone: 418 627-5772
Mobile: 418 627-5772
LMI Canada Baie Comeau
1416 Menier
Baie Comeau , Quebec G5C 2V1
Phone: 418-295-8013
Mobile: 418-295-8013
LMI Canada Montréal
1188, rue St-Antoine ouest, bur 5301
Montréal , Quebec H3C 1B4
Phone: 514-607-7762
LMI Canada Montreal
Montreal , Quebec
Phone: 438-843-4836
Mobile: 438-843-4836
LMI Canada Farnham
908 Rue Des Lièvres, QC,
Farnham , Quebec J2N 3C6
Phone: 514 808-9707
LMI Canada Quebec
3213, place des Tilleuls
Quebec , Quebec G1G1V4
Phone: (418) 809-8770
Mobile: (418) 809-8770
LMI Canada Montreal
Montreal , Quebec
Phone: 514.651-5545
Mobile: 514.651-5545
LMI Canada Montréal
Montréal , Quebec
Phone: 514-349-6399
Mobile: 514-349-6399
LMI Canada Granby
190 Robinson Sud
Granby , Quebec J2G 7L8
Phone: 450-204-7364
Mobile: 450-204-7364
LMI Canada Chambly
50, rue de I'Eglise
Chambly , Quebec J3L3K9
Phone: 514-618-4466
Mobile: 514-618-4466
LMI Canada Quebec
Quebec , Quebec 514-651-4882
Phone: 514-651-4882
LMI Canada Granby
190, rue Robinson
Granby , Quebec J2H7L8
Phone: 450-775-0558
Mobile: 450-775-0558
LMI Canada Baie-Comeau
90, boulevard La Salle, s.-s.
Baie-Comeau , Quebec G4Z1R6
Phone: 418-293-3503
Mobile: 418-293-3503