Effective Personal Productivity®

Learn how to improve your personal productivity, empower you with skills for enhancing personal awareness, fine-tuning your efficiency, and effectively achieving your goals. This course is part of the Personal Development Programs, your road to more effective personal productivity begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of the Unique LMI Process and our developmental approach. This program will help you communicate more effectively, deal with interruptions, and learn how controlling priorities will increase your productivity. You will become a team player, get the right people in the right roles with the right goals, as well as evaluate your attitudes and make productive behavioural changes. You will thrive in a learning environment by setting goals and achieving results.

What did you get from the program?

  • Specific workplace goals for learning and performance improvement are established in consulting between the Participant and Company Management, refined in 2 up-front sessions
  • Support from the LMI Facilitator guides the Participant’s “on the job” application of the learning
  • Complete resource materials allow multi-sensory learning
  • Eight interactive sessions are facilitated in convenient bi-weekly workshops

Course content – What you will learn

  • Concepts of Success, Motivation & Attitude Changes
  • Organizational Climate Survey
  • Individual Self-Image Profiles
  • Success as Related to Past Conditioning
  • Attitude and Habits – The Effective Motivators
  • Multi-Sensory Learning
  • Spaced Repetition
  • The Power of Goal Setting
  • Validation of ROI
  • Developing Personal Related Goal Planning Sheets
  • Developing Business Job Related Goal Planning Sheets
  • Fine Tuning Goal Tracking Systems
  • Integration of My-Tyme Planner with Goal Planning Sheets
  • Profile Evaluation Awareness and Integration into Goal Planning Sheets
  • What is Productivity?
  • Time – The Key Resource for Increasing Productivity
  • Attitudes Toward Planning and Goal Setting
  • Attitudes Toward Other People
  • Attitudes Toward External Circumstances
  • Attitudes Toward Practices and Procedures
  • Attitudes Toward Yourself
  • Identifying and Using High Payoff Activities
  • Establishing a Base Line for Productivity
  • The Rewards of Improving Productivity
  • Having a Positive Self-Image
  • Personal and Organizational Goals
  • How the Goal-Setting Process Works
  • The Power of Written Goals
  • Finding Time for Planning and Goal Setting
  • Tracking and Feedback
  • Putting Affirmation and Visualization into Practice
  • Setting Priorities for Each Day
  • Setting Priorities in All Areas of Life
  • Maintaining Focus by Limiting Interruptions
  • Handling E-mail Efficiently
  • Managing Communications
  • Setting Up an Efficient Work Area
  • Managing Drop-In Visitors
  • Crisis Management
  • Protect Your Productivity by Saying “No”
  • Mastering Communication Skills
  • The Role of Empathy in Communication
  • How Behaviour Affects Communication
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Listening for the Total Message
  • Writing for Clear Communication
  • Using E-mail Properly
  • Using Technology Efficiently and Effectively
  • The Empowerment Imperative
  • The Benefits of Empowerment
  • Empowering Different Generations
  • Attitudes – The Heart of Empowerment
  • Developing Team Players Through Delegation
  • Levels of Delegation
  • Communication and Delegation
  • Sharing and Communicating Goals
  • Creating a Learning Environment
  • Developing and Coaching Self-Directed Work Teams
  • Developing People to Be Their Best
  • Following Efficient Procedures
  • Implementing Productive Meeting Strategies
  • Living with Positive Expectancy
  • Celebrating Your Success!

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